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We design and manufacture furnishing accessories which help make your life easier: highly functional objects with top class design.


Our company is based on primary principles that put PEOPLE FIRST . We also focus on developing a company process that supports ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY. Our products are all conceived with a special attention to the DESIGN and are all MADE IN ITALY and produced in our headquarter in Cesena. We follow the CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT model on products and processes through both incremental and breakthrough improvements.


We aim at spreading common values in the COMPANY, SHARING with the employees IDEAS and goals. Since more than 45 years we welcome and motivate our employees through respect and transparency creating a peoplecentred company culture.


Through on-field training programs and lifelong learning on a professional level, skills and knowledges are constantly improved. All different levels of abilities are welcomed in the company and we are proud of our long-time cooperation with


ECO-SUSTAINABILITY is a guideline in the growth of our company and our target is to reduce to the minimum the environmental impact of the production process. We are constantly seeking more and more innovative methods and initiatives to integrate green practices in our factory.


Since 2009 our photovoltaic and cogeneration power stations are running at full capacity to grant full energetic independence to the company. We re-use all the polypropylene production waste transforming it into a new usable raw material for specific productions. We also give special attention in realising eco-design items to reduce the environmental impact when products reach their end-of-life.


We are used to asking for a special support from well known ITALIAN DESIGNERS to create functional and easy-to-use accessories. Our aim is to design long-lasting products with a touch of Italian design and with a general family feeling connecting our different lines of accessories. In recent years we also took advantage from the 3D printing new technologies to support and improve the design of our products.


The company, through the years, has been cooperating with many external designers.
Among them:

  • Lucci Orlandini Design
  • Paolo Nava e Fabio Casiraghi
  • Young designers from ISIA Faenza
  • Benzima Design Studio
  • Andrea Federici


All our products are designed and produced in our headquarter in Cesena, Italy. FOLLOWING THE WHOLE PROCESS, from the product idea to final production and delivery, we work towards spreading the ITALIAN STYLE in kitchens and bathrooms accessories ALL OVER THE WORLD.


We manage all the production and delivery stages in our plant in Cesena. This provides both high flexibility and a careful control during every processing phase thus granting a high level quality of the finished product.


We export about the 80% of our total production all over the world and we deliver from our warehouse more than 3000 orders per year. Our logistic department is well trained to deliver our products to more than 50 countries by road, air and sea.


We dedicate great attention to the improvement of the whole production process. Basing on the new technologies offered by the INDUSTRY 4.0 we are introducing new collaborative robots aiming at a more flexible, safe and functional production process.


We can count on a constantly growing number of injection moulding machines ranging from 120 to 1000 tones and on many different assembly lines. We also participate into the technological cluster of the “Fabbrica Intelligente” (Intelligent Factory) involving the automatization of the production process and the harmonization and connection of the different phases of the value chain.