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Multifunction bins

Art. 110TOP


Art. 110TOP is a stainless steel kitchen worktop or sink waste bin.


The fixation on the kitchen worktop allows the use without opening cabinet doors or large drawers.

Capacity: one stainless steel bin with 10lt capacity.

Equipped with:
- stainless steel lid with ergonomic handle;
- rubber ring;
- stainless steel bin;
- stainless steel ring.

Art. 557


Art. 557 is a handy plastic waste bin equipped with lid, ideal for the rest of detergents, sponges and small objects.


The product can be also used as a collector for organic waste, and it’s equipped with a handle that allows its hooking to the cabinet door or handle for a very practical use. Art. 557 is also designed to be placed inside Line 550 and 580 waste bins.

Capacity: one 5lt bin.

Grey, green lid
Quartz grey, smoke grey lid


Gollinucci Design